Welcome to the Cambridgeshire village
of Old Weston

I never saw a discontented tree.  They grip the ground as though they liked it,
and though fast rooted,  they travel about as far as we do.

Hello and welcome to Old Weston. Like the saying by John Muir above, it grips hold of you and doesn't let go!

Even those who have had to move on to pastures new, just can't seem to keep away. Now, with this village website, we can all keep in touch even if your actual visits are few and far between.

Here you can check on forthcoming events, read about events that happened a long time ago and share your stories and photos of village life. 

Enjoy the Cambridgeshire countryside and learn about the flora and fauna around you. 

If you are new to Old Weston this is the place to find basic information, catch up on recent activities, check for useful contact numbers (doctors' hospitals, schools, etc) and learn about ways to join in and become part of the community.

If you have moved from a town or city, village life may come as a bit of a surprise. Here everyone looks out for each other, has a smile for a neighbour and helps in whatever way they can with whatever's going on.

Whether your talents include painting the village hall, taking part in the pantomime, adding stories and pages to the website or a myriad of other skills they all help to make Old Weston a wonderful place to live.

The village has existed for over 1000 years, and even a great fire in 1701 could not destroy it. We have delved into the archives and discovered many more fascinating facts about the history of Old Weston and its previous inhabitants, including stories of convicts transported to Australia.

This site is listed in the British Towns and Villages Encyclopaedia of Great Britain and we can be found in the entry for Old Weston.

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